In 2010, my back locked up on me at work. I literally could not stand up straight for 10 minute. I immediately went to Eastland Chiropractic to "crack" my back. That is not what happened. They asked me some questions, and then they took some X-rays to diagnose the cause of my problem. They taught me about the spine and back, and things that I could do to keep my spine and back healthy. The next day the x-rays came in, and they were able to properly adjust me.The pain started to dissipate instantly, and within a week,I no longer felt any symptoms. It was scary not being able to stand up straight and being in so much discomfort. Eastland helped me greatly and I would recommend anyone looking for a Chiropractor to consider Eastland Chiropratic.


How has chiropractic care helped me? Let me count the ways! (Ha!) Seriously, where do I begin. Aside from the obvious alleviation of back, neck, hip, and shoulder pain, I also no longer suffer from allergies as I have all of my life. For as long as I can remember, every fall and spring I would spend at least a week in bed with a severe allergy attack that would always infect my chest and lungs. I was even hospitalized with it once. I was never able to find a medication whose benefits out weighed the side effects, so I never took them long term. I just suffered through it. The only time of the year that I did not suffer was in the winter time when everything is frozen. Since beginning chiropractic care, I no longer suffer with my allergies as I always have. I do still sneeze and get the sniffles, but is no where near what I used to get. I have not had a lung or chest infection in 3 years!!! I also have more movement capabilities due to the adjustments. ...

When I first came to Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center, I had suffered from headaches and low back pain for years. My headaches would occur several times a week lasting approximately one hour and I would take aspirin to try to help with the discomfort. My back pain would occur several times a year lasting for approximately one week or longer and I would have to stop many of activities and only rest. I decided to try chiropractic after talking to one of Eastlands doctors at the Ameren Health Fair and she informed me that chiropractic might be able to with my headaches. I had never tried chiropractic care and did have some doubts if chiropractic could help me. When arriving at Eastland Chiropractic, I was very impressed with the office and staff. After a consultation, examination, and x-rays, the docotor recommended a treatment plan that consisted of chiropractic adjustments. My results have been fantastic and the adjustments only take a few minutes when I come into the office. I would recommend chiropractic to others that are sick, suffering and in pain. Since starting chiropractic treatment, I have told several people about my success under chiropractic care because I am completely amazed at how chiropractic has fixed my headaches and back pain.

Greg Smith

I've been getting treatment for my neck and back for a couple months now. I've felt great improvement. Huge difference from years of chronic pain and discomfort of every day life. Now I can do so much more. It's so amazing what a good chiropractor can do and the difference it can make in your life. I love coming here. They're so professional and kind!!


When starting chiropractic care, I suffered from headaches and mid-back pain that was burning and pinching. The headaches occurred weekly and often I would go through spells of having them daily. I would try sports creams, ibuprofen, Excedrin Migraine, heat and ice, which would only temporarily relieve my pain. I decided to try chiropractic when the pain would not go away and there was an increase need for medication. I did try chiropractic about 20 years ago, but did not follow through with care. My first impression of Eastland Chiropractic was that the doctor was very knowledgeable and the staff was friendly. It was obvious to me that the entire staff loves what they do and they are good at their jobs. After an extensive examination, the doctor gave me the best recommendations and provided me with options as far as my care. I am on a progressive treatment plans and within 2 weeks my headaches had decreased as well as my mid-back pain reduced. I can now turn my neck further than I have ever done before. My recommendation for others that are sick, suffering or wanting wellness care is to visit Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center and see if they can help you like they helped me! I am amazed with my result and I often go to work to tell them about the results that I have received. Now that I have seen the benefits of chiropractic, I can't believe that I have waited so long to come and see the doctors at Eastland!

LeJo Blevins