Deb McNealy-Hoelscher


Deb McNealy-Hoelscher

CCO & Chief Cultural Officer

Deb’s involvement with Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center started on day one. Since the doors opened in 1984 she has understood that serving patients comes first.

She has successfully instilled this approach to patient care to the teams and associate doctors she has trained over the years. Her main objective is to ensure that each patient’s experience at Eastland Chiropractic & Lifestyle Center is a positive one. 

Deb is responsible for the caring culture that exists at Eastland. It is a culture focused on helping people -- and having fun doing it. She and her team strive to create a five-star experience for Eastland patients while fostering an environment that allows team members to excel.  

Helping people and employees achieve health and wellness goals, physically, emotionally and spiritually is a personal priority for Deb. 

Her dream has always been to provide the community with a complete wellness center that would offer a range of services designed to support a healthy lifestyle.  

That dream became reality when the clinic relocated to 2406 E. Washington in November of 2007. Deb was instrumental in the expansion of the clinic and the wide variety of wellness services that they now offer. 

In addition to her leadership role, she serves patients as a Yoga Fit Instructor, Pilates Fit Instructor and a Certified Life Coach.  

Deb’s expertise in the chiropractic profession is international. She spent 2014 in Singapore working with an organization serving over 32 offices located throughout South East Asia. Upon her return, she worked with a franchise group overseeing that group’s training program.  

Understanding that we each have a responsibility to the community that we reside in, Deb has been actively involved with and has served as past president of Cultural Festival, Friends Council of WGLT Radio, American Heart Association, Knapp Burn Foundation, YWCA Circle of Women and Rotary.  

She is the founder of The Wellness Foundation, which provides a wide variety of community wellness services to businesses and organizations. 

The list of charitable organizations that Deb, Chris and Eastland support is a long one. Philanthropy is important to them and the entire team at Eastland. Finding ways to volunteer and enhance the lives of others is a goal of hers, both personally and professionally.

In her spare time, Deb enjoys mission trips, reading and writing.