Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Look we all know times are tough, challenging and uncertain. Despite that, we want to let you know that Eastland Lifestyle Center remains a safe practice for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current pandemic, we are unable to accommodate walk ins at this time. However, we are doing our ABSOLUTE best to reserve a couple times each day for urgent cases, should an immediate need arise. Please call, text, or email to set up an appointment until further notice. Thank you for helping us keep you and our community safe and healthy!

***Medical emergencies are still required to report to the hospital as always.***

Please let us explain all the safety and infectious disease controls we have put in place to protect you, us, and our community as a whole:

  1. Aggressive decontamination and dramatically increased use of PPE (i.e. gloves, sanitizer, wipes, etc).
  2. Screening EVERY patient for potential COVID-19 symptoms before allowing admission to our clinic, advising those with symptoms to stay home and follow CDC guidelines.
  3. Providing telehealth services, as indicated and possible.
  4. Limiting the number of occupants (both patients and staff) on-site at any time to 10 or less per current CDC guidelines.
  5. Limiting access to our facility by only allowing patients with scheduled appointments, our doctors and staff, and our necessary supply vendors.
  6. Staggering staff scheduling to minimize exposure.
  7. Expanded both our hours and treatment space to ensure that we can ALWAYS PROVIDE a minimum of 6-foot distance available and more time available between patients for decontamination.
  8. Providing a separate and distinct room for the immunocompromised with escort in and out of the building. Our facility allows us to provide a separate entrance entirely for this purpose as requested.
  9. Providing an additional separate and distinct room, per patient request, for firstresponders and emergency personnel (including nurses, and government employees)
  10. Monitoring SIREN system (by IDPH) daily for updates as the situation continues to change rapidly.

Additional updates can be found on our facebook page.

Please call or text us at 309-662-8418 for any questions or to schedule an appointment. Know that Eastland Lifestyle Center remains dedicated to your family’s health, now and always. We’ll be here supporting you both virtually and in person as we weather this crisis together. One day at a time.


Jessica Bruin, D.C., C.C.W.P. and the entire Team at Eastland Lifestyle Center